Wakayama City 5 hour Tour by Taxi for Cruise Passengers

We will show you historic Wakayama Castle, which is must see in Wakayama city and a small fishing town Kada, which is located at western edge of Wakayama city facing Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai) and sitll has a nostalgic atmosphere of Japanese way of life. The tour gives you not only the historic facts of the city but also up close every day life of the local people. Kada town is a good place to learn about real Japaneses way of life. We are prepared to show you Japanese culture over all in this tour. In this tour we use a taxi to save time and to be comfortable.

Ninja at Wakayama castle
Main hall of Awashima Jinja Shrine
Local school
Approach to Awashima Shrine
Row of houses in Kada town
Torii gate to Kada Kasugajinja Shrine
Marui Ramen


Tour price

11,000 JPY per person including guide fee, lunch and transportation expenses

Minimum 3 persons up to 8 persons


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