Small Fishing Town, Kada Walk

We had a wonderful walking in Kada area in Wakayama city. Kada is located western edge of Wakayama City facing Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai). We took a unique train called “Medetai (sea bream) train” from Nankai Wakayama-shi station to Kada station, then walked around Kada town. We first visited the local school and then visited local small shops, temples and shrines and finally reached Awashima shrine.  In the precinct of  Awashima shrine, we found many kinds of old dolls which had been  dedicated by people for forgiveness and absolution. It is worth visiting!  On the back to the Kada station, we found a nice café, which opened for business only a few months ago. We enjoyed chattering with the sweet café owner, and learned a lot about Kada. The old Japanese house was renovated into this café  and represents a harmony of old and modern and also offers a cozy atmosphere. It was so nice to talk with the local people while exploring the town. We had a good time exploring Kada!!

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Medetai Densha-Sea Bream Train
Medetai train
Inside of Medetai train
 Japanese raccoon singing Karaoke found at Awashima Shrine
Sweet owner and staff of Sereno
Inside of Sereno