Kada Town

A small fishing town of Kada is located western edge of Wakayama City facing Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai). This rustic town is well known for fresh  seafood, clear water beaches, and Awashima Shrine. In the precinct of the shrine, you find all kinds of old dolls which were dedicated by people for forgiveness and absolution. Hina nagashi Festival is held here every year on March 3rd (Girls’ Festival) to honor those dolls.

Main hall of Awashima Jinja Shrine
Desicated raccoons
Main hall of Awashima Jinja Shrine
Dedicated dolls
Dedicated Hina Dolls
Hari-zuka-Tomb stone for needles
Japanese dolls and Battledores
Dedicated Japanese Dolls
Souvenir shop in front of Torii Gate
Fresh shelfish
row of houses in Kada town
Temple in Kada town
Torii gate to Kada Kasugajinja Shrine
Public Bath
Panoramic view of Kada town
Tomogashima Islands

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