Day Trip to Hidaka and Arida Area / 日高・有田日帰り旅行

We took a day trip to Hidaka and Arida yesterday (September 28th). The weather was nice and firstly we had a gorgeous drive to Shirasaki beach in Yura town. The wind was rather strong but the contrast of the white rock and blue sea was very beautiful. We had Shirasu-don lunch at Michi-no-eki (station) and moved to Ena beach next to Shirasaki beach and had coffee at the beach looking at the sea.

Yuratto kishu on the way to Yuasa town

Then we moved to Yuasa town and visited Yuasa Shoyu factory, which was quite interesting. We thought it is one of the best places to take foreign visitors who are interested in Japanese food.

After Yuasa town, we moved to Minoshima fishing port. There are many fishing boats there. And the new facility called “Hama-no-utase” was there. You can learn the history of the town and enjoy shopping for local specialties. The fishing was over but we can imagine the bustle and hustle when the many fishing boats come back from their fishing with tons of fish. We really hope we’d like to visit there again.

We really enjoyed a day trip to Hidaka and Arida area on a beautiful early Autumn day. We feel sad in this COVID- 19 current situation. We strongly hope that we will show foreign tourists beautiful Japan as soon as possible after this pandemic ends.