Shirasaki Ocean Park / 白崎海洋公園

Japan’s Aegean Sea  “Shirasaki Ocean Park”

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“Shirasaki Ocean Park” is located on the west side of Yura town, which is about 50 km south of Wakayama city. It is a town surrounded by mountains on the east and faces the Kii Channel on the west. You can enjoy the ultramarine blue sea extending to the Pacific Ocean and the coastline shining white with the sunlight. Some people say this coast is “Japan’s Aegean Sea”.

Beautiul limestone and blue ocean
Beautiful limestone and blue ocean

This coast is said to have been created about 250 million years ago, long before human beings were born on the earth. The white quay cliffs are ancient limestone produced by fluctuations of the earth. “Shirasaki Ocean Park” is designated as Natural Park of Wakayama Prefecture. You can also enjoy marine sports such as scuba diving.

Beautiful beach
Wild narcissuses

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