Wakayama Castle Town Walking Tour 10/05/2019

We had a nice guest from Hong Kong in our Wakayama Castle Town Walking Tour. The weather was nice and I had a nice walking and talking with her during the tour. She likes Japanese Okashi (sweet), so I took her to the tea house called “Kosho-an” in Wakayama Castle Park. S he enjoyed having Japanese tea (maccha) with Japanese sweet on the tatami mats. (You need  permission if you would like to have tea on the tatami mats.) Although she had experienced having maccha tea several times before, that was her first time to have tea sitting on the tatami mats.  She learned a lot about not only Wakayama Castle but also other  Japanese castles and Japanese history and culture from me. I hope she enjoyed walking through our city, Wakayama with me. Thank you for joining the tour!!! Please come visit Wakayama again!!!   Your guide, Noriko

With a guest from Hong Kong
Ninja took our photo
Having tea on tatami mats