Wakayama Castle Town Walking Tour 09/28/2019

We had a lovely couple from Switzerland in our Wakayama Castle Town Walking Tour yesterday!! They  experienced not only walking through Wakayama Castle Park but also visiting Castle keep to enjoy the panoramic view of Wakayama city and having Japanese tea (Maccha) with Japanese sweets in the tea house called “Kosho-an” in Japanese garden in Wakayama Castle Park. They also enjoyed the art of Ninja (secret agent) with Ninja while they were exploring Wakayama Castle Park. After walking through Wakayama Castle Park, we explored out of the castle (Wakayama Castle Town)  to learn about the historical facts of the city and everyday life of the local people. Wakayama has  about 400 year history as a castle town since the Tokugawa Family came to Wakayama to govern. They were so eager to learn about the Japanese history and custom that I really enjoyed walking and talking with them. They were such lovely people to be with !!! I hope they enjoyed walking through our city, Wakayama with me and hope they will come visit us again!! Thank you for joining the tour!!!

Your guide, Noriko

With Nija before visiting Castle Keep
Practice throwing star knife called “shuriken” It was fun!!!
Practice the art of Ninja, hiding himself   Well done!!!
Having Maccha with Japanese sweets in a tea room
In from of the tea house called “Kosho-an” located in Wakayama Castle Park
Big smile at Japanese Garden called “Momijidani Teien”