Koyasan Choishi-michi Walking

There are several routes heading for Koyasan from the bottom. The official route to Koyasan from ancient times is the one called “Choishi-michi”, the road led by stone markers every 109 meters. This route is from Nankai Railway Kamikosawa station to Koyasan through Kasagi-toge (pass). From the Kamikosawa station to Kasagi-toge, you can enjoy lots of nature and see the life of local people. From Kasagi-toge to Konpon-Daito (pagoda) in Koyasan, you can take Choishi-michi, the pilgrimage route. The stone markers from 60 to 1 among 180  lead you toKoyasan.

Koyasan Choishi-michi walking. From Nankai Railway Kamikosawa station to Koyasan.
Start from Nankai Railway Kamikosawa station at 9:40.
Beautiful late autumn scenery
Wild boar foot prints
Walk along the railroad through the seeder and cypress forests
After 20 minutes-walk, reach “Kazurawa-Fudo myooh“.
Waterfall near “Kazurawa-Fudo myooh
After Fudo-Myooh, come out on R370 and head for Yatate.
Beautiful mountain view with railway bridge.
Take steps and head for Kasagi village.
Climb a steep zigzag slope for about 15 minutes.
Enjoying the beautiful mountain views.
Take a rest in Kasagi Village.
Trap to catch wild boars and deer.
Vegetable field and panoramic view
Persimmon field
Walk through cedar and cypress forests after Kasagi village.
Kasagi-toge (pass) crossing the Choishi-michi.
Take the Choishi-michi from Kasagi-toge (pass).
Walk ahead counting the number on Choishi (stone marker). Choishi stands every 109 meters.
A deity is engraved on Choishi and chant the mantra.
60th choishi among 180. 180 stone markers stand every 109 meters from the center of Koyasan to Jisonin temple at the bottom.
Yatate chaya (tea house) at 12:00.
Start again at 12:45 after lunch time. 59th Choishi and 6 Jizo.
Walk in the forest
Kesagake-ishi. There is a regent that Kobo Daishi, Kukai hung a Kesa, a priest robe.
A pleasant woods continues.
Oshiage-ishi. There is a regent that Kobo Daishi lifted this giant stone to save his mother from lightning strike.
Root road
One way of prayer.
Cross the R480.
Kagami-ishi ( Mirror stone)
Cross some wood bridges like this.
The 10th choishi, about another 400 meters to the goal.
Reach Daimon (Big gate to Koyasan) at 2:15 p.m. The 6th Choishi.
The first Choishi in the Garan area.
Goal!! Daito (pagoda) is zero point of Choishi-michi.