Koyasan Full Day Tour on January 12, 2020

We had nice Filipino guests at Koyasan on January 12, 2020. They climbed up to Koyasan by using train, cable car and bus from Osaka. I met them at Kongobuji-mae bus stop at around 11.a.m. as planned. First we went to their temple, Joki-in to check in and leave their baggage. After dropping off their baggage, we headed for Koyasan main gate Daimon. I gave general information about Koyasan to them there.

At Garan Complex

We moved to Garan area, one of the two most sacred areas in Koyasan. It is the monastery center, Kobo Daishi, Kukai, first established. We visited the main hall called Kondo and the pagoda called Konpon Daito, the fundamental pagoda expressing the teaching of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. They also learned the real state of Japanese religion, the fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism seeing the shrine in the precinct of the temple.

I’m happy with nice young (Kawaii) ladies!!

After Garan area, we ate lunch at Tonkatsu tei, a popular restaurant except Buddhist monk vegetarian meal in Koyasan.

Tonkatsu tei
Deep fried shrimp

After lunch we went to Ichi-no-hashi bridge to start Okuno-in tour. Okuno-in is the other most sacred place in Koyasan and the sacred place of Kobo Daishi belief. We walked on the 2 -km pass up to the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism in Japan. We enjoyed walking in the mysterious atmosphere created by hundreds of thousands of gravestones standing on both sides of the pass flanked by tall centuries-old cedar trees.

On the pass to the mausoleum in Okuno-in
On the pass to Mausoleum in Okuno-in

Along the pass we found a funny statue called Cosmetic Jizo. There is a “new” legend that you will be beauty or your dream will come true if you put makeup on this Jizo. Let’s see if this legend is true or not!!

Dream come true!

Also we found a good friendship jizo. I took a very nice photo of two pairs of good friends.

We are good friend!!

Finally we reached the last bridge to visit the mausoleum and paid respect to Kobo Daishi chanting “Nam Daishi Henjo Kongo” three times.

In front of the last bridge to mausoleum

I really had a great time talking and walking with them during the tour. Thank you very much for letting me being a part of your journey. I sincerely hope their happy and brilliant future. Please come visit us again!!!