Niusakadono-jinja Shrine and Mitani-zaka Slope

Niusakadono-jinja Shrine is the start point of the Mitani-zaka slope, a pilgrimage route running along a ridge line of the Kii Mountains. leading to Niutsuhime-jinja Shrine (in Katsuragi town in Wakayama prefecture) . Both shrines are part of World Heritage Site – “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range“. Now Giant ginkgo tree is giving off lots of energy in golden color at Niusakadono-jinja Shrine. Come visit us in Wakayama to enjoy stunning color of the giant ginkgo tree and Mitani-zaka Slope hiking. It is about 5 km from Niusakadono-jinja Shrine to Niutsuhime-jinja Shrine.

The view of Kinokawa river and Katsuragi town from the Mitani-zaka slope