Diamond Princess First Call at Wakayama Port

Diamond Princess first visited Wakayama Port on August 17, 2019.Passengers enjoyed optional tours of Koyasan and the best of Wakayama and also Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Marina City, Kada town, shopping, Wakayama ramen etc. individually.  The citizens of Wakayama prefecture welcomed them very much and helped them to explore Wakayama city. At the moment she left Wakayama Port, the passengers and the citizens of Wakayama prefecture exchanged their many thanks to each other at the top of their voices  at the port. It was the moment I felt the unity of passengers and the citizens of Wakayama prefecture. Thank you for coming to Wakayama and please come again.

The whole picture of Diamond Princess at Wakayama Port
Welcome to Wakayama city
Yosakoi Dance performers
Waving hands to the passengers of Diamond Princess to say good bye