Aoba Matsuri is coming soon!

Aoba Matsuri is the festival of cerebrating Kobo Daishi’s birthday.  The Eve of the festival is held on the 14th of June. Floats are brought out, and street strolls are kept in front of Kongobuji Temple. It stats at 6:30 p.m.. On the 15th of June, the memorial service is performed at Daishi Kyokai from 9:00 a.m., and in the afternoon a portable shrine called Hanamido leads the procession in singing and dancing to the music, Daishi-ondo, and goes all the way up to Daishi Kyokai from Ichino-hashi bridge, which is the entrance to Okuno-in. You can enjoy Japanese flower arrangement in Kongobuji temple. The pictures  are the ones taken in the 2018 Aoba Festival.

Float of Kobo Daishi, June 14 in 2018
A solemn ceremony held at Daishi Kyokai, June 15 in 2018
A portable alter containing an image of Kobo Daishi as a child in 2018
Flower arrangement exhibition, Kongobuji Temple in 2018