WAK-Guide members’ short trip to Ki-nan Part 2

We dropped by at Ishigami plum grove in Tanabe City on the way back to Wakayama City. In the plum grove stretching out on steep slopes, we could smell sweat and sour fragrance emitted from the blooming plum flowers.  In the southern part of Wakayama, one can find a plum grove here and there.  At a souvenir shop, they sell, of course, the renowned Umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot), the most favorite Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) of the Japanese.  Umeboshi is made by packing Ume fruits in barrels with salt after drying them under the sun, then soaking them in red Shiso (Japanese basil) leaves.  Umeboshi is an important ingredient for making Onigiri (=rice balls) as it has antibacterial effect.

Plum blossoms on a warm day in Ishigami plum grove
Plum village