Experience at Wakayama Castle

WAK-Guide members did a wonderful experience at Wakayama Castle on 25th of September. We enjoyed not only exploring beautiful Wakayama Castle Park but also experiencing some activities. The most enjoyable experience may be wearing Japanese Samurai armor costume. Visitors can dress up in Samurai armor costume and have their pictures taken with Wakayama Castle in background. Another experience is having Japanese green tea with a Japanese sweet in an authentic Japanese tea house called Kosho-an. Visitors must be able to feel authentic atmosphere of Japanese tea ceremony culture.

Experiencing Samurai armor costume : Free

Having a cup of green tea with a Japanese sweet : 460 JPY per person

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WAK-Guide members enjoying Samurai armor costume
WAK-Guide members with tourists from Hong Kong
Experience of Samurai armor costume with Wakayama Castle in the background
WAK-Guide members at Kosho-an tea house
WAK-Guide Members having green tea and Japanese sweets at Kosho-an tea house in Wakayama Castle Park
Entrance of tea room
Japanese garden from tea room
WAK-guide members studying history of Wakayama castle
A member of WAK-Guide explaining Kishu-temari (紀州てまり)
WAK-Guide members at the ground of Wakayama castle main keep

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