Wakayama tour with a lovely family from India

We had a lovely family from Mumbai, India. They visit Japan first time and they first landed in Wakayama and spent four nights in Wakayama City. Thank you for taking the 2 and a half day Wakayama tour. They enjoyed nature in Wakayama and local food, and also learned some Japanese expressions. They used Japanese, “Arigatou”,  “Gochisosama”  all the time they left a  restaurant. We really had a wonderful guests.  Some photos are presented by them.

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Day1  In the afternoon we visited Wakayama Castle.

In Samurai armor costume at Wakayama Castle
Nice couple at the top of main keep of Wakayama Castle
Panoramic view of Wakayama city from the main keep of Wakayama castle
At the back slope of Wakayama castle

Day2  We went to Wakayama Marina City and Wakaura Area.

Kuroshio Ichiba in Wakayama Marina City
Tuna Cutting Show
Porto Europa in Wakayama Marina City
Bandoko Garden in Saikazaki, Wakayama city
Bandoko Garden in Saikazaki, Wakayama city
Bandoko Garden in Saikazaki, Wakayama City

Day3  We went to Shirahama by Kuroshio Express train.

Look at the giant panda!
Giant Panda at Adventure World
In Kenia train at Safari Park, Adventure World
Dolphin Show at Adventure World in Shirahama
Sandanbeki Rock Cliff in Shirahama
Sandanbeki Cave
Senjojiki, Shirahama
Shirarahama Beach
Engetsuto Island
Sunset in Wakaura Bay from the window of Kuroshio Express train

Thank you for joining the Wakayama Tour. We hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. See you again.

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