White Day one month after Valentine’s Day

White Day
Chocolates showcase

Do you know the strange tradition in Japan about Valentine’s Day?
In Japan Valentine’s day is the day girls give the chocolate to the boys, not the other way around. There are two kinds of chocolate girls give to boys. Honmei (本命) chocolate and Giri (義理) chocolate. Honmei chocolates are given to the boys who are romantically involved such as husbands, boyfriends or someone you want to have a relationship with. Giri chocolates are given to practically any boy around the girls such as company colleagues, bosses or male family members.
Therefore if you’re a man and  you don’t receive any chocolate on Valentine’s Day, something is wrong with you. lol
A month after Valentine’s Day on March 14, called White Day, it is the boys’ turn to return the chocolates to the girls whom they received the chocolates a month before.
All of these traditions are created by chocolate companies and we’re stupid enough to follow the tradition to let the chocolate companies make more money. lol