Kimino Town

We found a lovely restaurant and  Washi (Japanese paper) Workshop.

Kimino town is located only one hour from Kansai International Airport, Wakayama city, and much more famous tourist spot Koyasan.  Although Kimino town is a small rural town in Wakayama prefecture, it has been trying to attract tourists not only from all over Japan but also from all over the world. There are many attractive people, plenty of  nature and tasty fresh vegetarian cooking. Kimino town has produced a unique promotional video, which “boasts” “Zero” Foreign Visitors. Why don’t you be their first foreign visitor?

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Exterior of Kura to Kuri (Farm-fresh vegetarian restaurant)
Signboard of Kura to Kuri
Vegetarian lunch
Entrance to studio of Washi (Japanese Paper), Aserina
Washi – Japanese paper
Kozo – Raw material of Washi
Washi studio
Wahi studio

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Kimino Town promotional video