Aoba Festival(青葉まつり)

Aoba Matsuri (Festival at Koyasan) June 14-15


In Koyasan, Aoba Maturi (Festival) is held every year on June 15 to celebrate the birthday of Kobo-Daishi, who founded a monastery of esoteric Buddhism in Koyasan in 816. On June 15, a memorial service is performed at Daishi Kyokai at 9 a.m..

In the afternoon, “Hanamido”, a portable shrine decorated with flowers enshrining Kobo-Daishi as a child, is carried outside to lead the procession of kimono-clad people dancing to music of Daishi-Ondo.  Starting from Ichino-hashi bridge, the entrance to Okuno-in, the procession goes all the way up to Daishi Kyokai building. On June 14, the eve of Aoba Matsuri, floats are brought out and street stalls are kept in front of Kongobuji Temple to attract the faithful as well as tourists.  Concerts and other events are performed in the evening.