Tama train & Toy train

Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line has four unique trains; Ichigo (strawberry) train, Tama (cat) train, Omocya (toy) train and Ume (plum) train. It runs 14.3 Km long from JR Wakayama station to Kishi Station through beautiful rural farmland and towns. Along the line there are 14 stations. The interior of each train is unique and very enjoyable. Kishi Station, the final destination of this line, is the only train station in the world to have a Japanese cypress bark roof, a traditional building technique in Japan that has been passed down over the ages. Also you can see a cat stationmaster called Tama, who has contributed for revitalization of Local Public Transportation and Wakayama sightseeing. There is a café called Tama Café in the Kishi Station building, you can enjoy gelato and juice made from locally grown ingredients. Tama welcomes you!