Daimon or the Great Gate is situated at the western edge of Koyasan. It is the main gate to the sacred precinct, Koyasan. Originally, the gate was a “torii” gate located further down in the winding valley below. That gate was burned down to the ground by forest fires and lightning, and it was rebuild in its current location in 1705. The two-tier tower spans across five sections and is 25.1 meters high. It is flanked by two guardian kings called “Kongorikishizou”. They are considered to be the second largest such figures in Japan, after those at Todaiji Temple in Nara, and are the work of Edo-period sculptors. An inscription reads: “Kobo Daishi appears each morning, makes the rounds, and offers us salvation,” expressing the idea that Kobo Daishi always with us. To the side of Daimon is the entrance to Bentendake. At the top of that mountain is enshrined Dake-no-benzaiten, whom Kobo Daishi had ceremonially transferred there.