Wakayama City 6-hour Private Tour by Taxi (Shore Excursion available)

We will show you the historic Wakayama Castle, which is a must-see in Wakayama city, and after Wakayama Castle, we will move to JR Wakayama station to take a short journey to Kishi station by a unique train. You can enjoy seeing the countryside views from the windows and meet a famous super cat train master at Kishi station. After Kishi station, we will move to the Kuroshio fish market to see the tuna cutting show and have lunch there. After lunch, we move to the historic and scenic spot- the Wakaura area. We will see beautiful carvings and pictures on the shrine building and learn about Japanese history and culture there.

If you are interested in a small fishing town, Kada, located at the western edge of Wakayama city facing the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai) and still has a nostalgic atmosphere of the Japanese way of life. The tour gives you not only the city’s historical facts but also the local people’s close everyday life. Kada town is a good place to learn about the real Japanese way of life. We are prepared to show you Japanese culture overall on this tour. On this tour, we use a taxi to save time and comfort.

Wakayama castle
Tama Train
Kuroshio Market
Kishu Toshogu Shrine in Wakaura area


  • Meet at JR Wakayama station or Wakayama -Shimotsu Port
  • Visit Wakayama Castle (75 minutes)
  • Short excursison by Tama train
  • Kuroshio Ichiba
  • Explore the Wakaura area (90 minutes)
  • Back to Wakayama Port

Guide Fee

40,000 JPY (Up to 4 people) including tour design

*Please contact us for larger groups.

You need to book a taxi separately. We can help you book a taxi.


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