Kimiidera Temple

Kimiidera Temple, the second temple of the Saigoku pilgrimage route (the
33 Kannon pilgrimage temples in western Japan), was founded in 770. The
temple is well-known for the earliest blooming of cherry blossoms in Kansai region. From the top of the long stairs leading to the the temple’s main hall, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of Wakanoura. Wakanoura including Kimiidera Tempele was designated as Japanese Heritage Site in 2017, “A gold mine of artistic scenery, Wakanoura”. Since ancient times this area has been recognized as the sacred place of Japanese poetry because many people have been fascinated with its beauty and composed poems here. It is also worth a visit to this temple to see the largest wooden standing Buddha statue in Japan.

Kimiidera Temple, 15 min. from JR Kimiidera station
Senju Kannon, the largest standing wooden statue in Japan