Awashima Jinja Shrine

Awashima-jinja Shrine is located at Kada, about 11 km northwest of center of  Wakayama city. This shrine is famous for its annual ritual called Hina-nagashi held on March 3rd in which dolls are set out to sea in boats. The shrine is recognized as a deity of medicine and also a protector of expecting women, and has drawn strong adoration since long ago from people, especially women, asking the god to cure  their disorders and ensure the easy delivery.

Main hall of Awashima Jinja Shrine
Main hall of Awashina jinja shrine

In the precinct of the shrine, you find all kinds of old dolls which were dedicated by people for forgiveness and absolution. Hina nagashi Festival is held here every year on March 3rd (the Doll Festival) to honor those dolls.

Desicated raccoons