Sakura Photo Gallery (2) 2018

Today, I went to take photos of Sakura around Kawachinagano city, Osaka, which is bordering with Hashimoto city, Wakayama.  Everywhere I went, I could see beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom but especially, around Mikano-dai station of Nankai Railway, all what I saw was an awesome and stunning scenery on every road and a hill fully covered with Sakura trees. This is really something to see!  In this seaeson, places famous for cherry blossoms in Osaka and Kyoto are very crowded with too many people.  If you wish to fully enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery of Sakura, why don’t you stop by at Mikano-dai station during this season on your way to Koyasan?  It is definetely a secret hidden place for viewing Sakura not yet known to any outsiders.  It is one of the best places to view Sakura in a quiet atmosphere.  It is a pity that only local people are viewing this splendid Sakura paradise!
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A deserted promenade, Mikano-dai
A condo floating on clouds of Sakura, Mikano-dai
Nice to live in this condo during Sakura season, isn’t it?
Looking up to residential area, Mikano-dai
View from a hill, Mikano-dai
Road running through Sakura trees, Mikano-dai
A road in Mikano-dai
A road flanked by Sakura trees
A road up to Mikano-dai hill
A view of a hill, Mikano-dai
Ganshoji Temple on a mountain top, Tondabayashi city
A scenery near Kawachinagano station

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